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Other Half of the Blogpoll Draft Ballot, Week 5

I'm just as lost this week as I was last week because teams are simply refusing to be dominant.

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Cincinnati
5. Virginia Tech

I am now more comfortable with having Alabama third (and specifically, behind Florida) after a nice but not spectacular win over Kentucky. UF and UAT now have a common opponent, and I pay attention to those sorts of things. Cincinnati only jumps ahead of VT because I felt like I needed to penalize the Hokies for struggling with Duke.

6. Boise State
7. TCU
8. LSU
9. Auburn
10. Ohio State

Boise State starts its long slide due to its schedule, but only by just a bit. TCU hangs around after a bye. LSU falls a couple spots for a lackluster win over Georgia. Auburn gets to be this high because I think they are right on LSU's heels in the division. Ohio State is probably going to hang around this spot for a while since they aren't likely to lose for some time (if at all) but have no one to really impress with.

11. Oregon
12. Nebraska
13. USC
14. Miami
15. Iowa

Oregon gets to move up high for getting its act together and - hallelujah! - have begun acting like a dominant team. It's about time someone did. Miami also moves up after beating Oklahoma, but at this point, only one team the Hurricanes have beaten has just that one loss. Iowa is back on thin ice with me because of another bad win.

16. Penn State
17. Oklahoma State
18. Georgia
19. Oklahoma
20. South Carolina

This is the part of the program where I throw in teams that probably deserve to be ranked but I really don't know in what order. Let me know in the comments if something is out of whack.

21. Ole Miss
22. BYU
23. USF
24. Wisconsin
25. Kansas

Sure, why not?