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Sprints Isn't Sure Florida Will Score 16 Points Against Georgia // 10.30.09

TS50K. October is our first month over 50,000 visits; thanks to our readers for that distinction. Also, expect the site to look slightly different next Tuesday. Nothing dramatic, just a slight tweak to our current appearance.

Now, to what little news is out there on this Friday morning ...


The 16-point line in Florida-Georgia
It's rare but not unprecedented, according to Hale. It might, though, be unprecedented for a team that has seen this much kvetching about its offense to be favored by almost three scores. Hale also points to a possible source of the discontentment among some of the Dawg faithful: Georgia is 6-13-1 against the spread over the past two seasons.

Don't have a driver's license? Drop and give me 20
Mark Richt is getting angry about the license issue. Still not angry enough to suspend anybody or anything, but he's going to do something about it.

Now my feeling is every single Georgia football player must have not only a valid license but a Class C [unrestricted] license.

And if not, too bad. You'll, um, still get playing time?

A smart take on Florida's offensive problems
That would be Chris Brown of Smart Football's weekly post at Dr. Saturday's place.

A bit premature?
Now don't read anything into the fact that Florida's Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey are preparing for life in the NFL.

Lisa Webster, the Pounceys' mother, said her sons are no longer living in the same apartment to "get used to life away from each other in the NFL."

The Pounceys will wait until after the season to decide on the NFL, Webster said.

That sounds absolutely, completely plausible. After all, they could just be getting ready in case they go to the NFL in two years, right?

'The Promise' put to music
Lane Kiffin is not the only SEC figure who has inspired a musician.


Numbers post of the day
Bobo the Vol looks at SEC teams' red-zone offense and defense compared to last season.

Monte Kiffin is not retiring
Which is odd, because I hadn't heard that he was retiring.

Honesty is the best policy
Bob Toledo would seemingly just be happy to be alive when the game with LSU this weekend is over.

I just want to play good, I want to be competitive, I want to not embarrass ourselves, I want to play until the end and play hard. And then we have four league games that we feel we can compete against.

Let's shoot for the stars, gentlemen, and only lose by three TDs.

Calm down on the "there are going to be least six undefeated teams and that will throw the system into chaos" bit
Dr. Saturday explains why the worst fears of the BCS probably won't happen.