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Topics for Discussion // 10.03.09

Which game will go further to deciding the SEC West Championship: Alabama-LSU or the Iron Bowl? It's debatable whether the Bayou Bengals will even be undefeated in the SEC when they go to Tuscaloosa on Nov. 7. They might be the most controversial Top 5 team in recent memory -- well, aside from Ole Miss a few weeks ago, anyway. Meanwhile, Auburn looks like a serious player for the division title, even if the Tennessee game shows they're not quite as good as they've looked the last four weeks.

More important to his team: Montario Hardesty or A.J. Green? Hardesty had two of the Vols' three TDs -- one rushing, one receiving -- and was essentially the best thing Tennessee had all night long. He averaged 4.3 yards on 21 rushes and 18.7 yards on three receptions. Meanwhile, Green's 99 yards receiving were more yards of offense than any other skill position player outside of Joe Cox. And, let's face it -- Georgia has more to play for this year.

When will Tennessee win its first SEC game this year? Is it possible that the Vols could go winless in conference this year? The rest of the schedule is Georgia next week, at Alabama on Oct. 24, South Carolina on Oct. 31, at Ole Miss on Nov. 14, then Vanderbilt and at Kentucky the next two weeks.

Is Ole Miss back to being relevant? That's 397 yards of offense in a 23-7 win over Vanderbilt -- which, I'd remind you, is just as good a job as LSU did against the Commodores. Jevan Snead wasn't great, gaining 7.0 yards per passing attempting and throwing 3 TDs and 3 INTs. But Shay Hodge's 122 yards receiving and a 160-yard performance by the ground game led the Rebels to the win.

Better odds of going to a bowl: Kentucky or Arkansas? Will either of them go? The Wildcats have their second straight awful game against one of the top-tier programs in the SEC, leading to plenty of questions about whether Old Kentucky has returned. Arkansas, meanwhile, has a good enough game against dubious Texas A&M to potentially reignite the "much improved" hype from the preseason.