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Sprints Is Arrested But Won't Miss Any Playing Time // 10.29.09

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So what's the excuse now?
The last time we highlighted Mark Richt's seemingly arbitrary stance on who gets punished or not for driving violations, we were assured that this had to do with the player who didn't miss playing not being arrested. Vince Vance was arrested Wednesday for driving without a license -- at 22, he still has a learner's permit for reasons passing understanding -- and ...

"It’s not affecting his playing status at all," Richt said. "If he starts, he was going to start, if he doesn’t start, he wasn’t going to start."

Yes, well. Even David Hale is perplexed.

Florida might not be able to save the Dawgs
Groo considers whether the Gators' offensive problems will help Georgia much.


A rare moment of magnanimity in Refgate
Bobby Petrino apologizes.

"It's something I take very serious and I think it is a big part of your responsibility of being a coach and I will make sure it doesn't happen again,'' Petrino said.

That was nice of him. And also pragmatic.

RBR clarifies an error in the Mt. Cody rule post
But it doesn't really change the conclusion.

They're still missing the point

"Remember that the replay official is dependent on what he gets on the (TV) booth," [SEC coordinator of officials Rogers] Redding said. "What may come up later on a late-night show or what may come up in the days to follow is irrelevant."

This would be a lot more convincing if Redding's quote wasn't directly below a screenshot from the ESPN broadcast clearly showing that a Florida "touchdown" in their victory against Mississippi State was indeed a fumble. They just don't get it, do they?


Moe Brown expected to play against Tennessee
That should give the Gamecocks at least two solid receiving options against the Vols.

Difference No. 483 between Phil Fulmer and Lane Kiffin
Even if Fulmer had a Twitter account, he would likely never have heard about Lil Wayne's song, much less tweeted: "a huge shout-out to Lil Wayne for boosting our street cred!" Because that's how Boy Wonder rolls.

The lyrics in question

Smoke weed, talk ---- like Coach Kiffin

I'm sure older UT fans are just thrilled with their head coach's name being that close to a marijuana reference.

You know that big coup that Boy Wonder pulled off by hiring the recruiting coordinator for South Carolina?
In addition to the fact that Kiffin was married to David Reaves' sister...

"As soon as his brother-in-law was announced, I said, 'I know you're going there. You should go there,'" USC coach Steve Spurrier said.

Yeah, he really pulled one off on the Ol' Ball Coach.

Dont'a Hightower has 'a brand-new knee'
Too bad Alabama can't put it to use this year.

The feeling you are experiencing is not deja vu. And the feeling you are experiencing is not deja vu
Jerry at War Blog Eagle argues at length that this is not 2008.

Leaving no stone unturned?
The game formerly known as the Peach Bowl will have representatives at the Mississippi State-Kentucky match-up. Just in case.

ACC agrees to lose to SEC for four more years
The conference signed an extension with the game formerly known as the Peach Bowl.

That was unfortunate
It's not college football news, but we should note that former Vikings S Orlando Thomas is not dead. Regardless of what the AP might have reported.