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Half the SEC Power Poll Ballot for Week 8


1. Alabama Crimson Tide
Old narrative: They've looked so much better than Florida this year. New narrative: They struggled against a better team than the one that gave Florida all the Gators could handle, so they're obviously much worse than Florida. Huh?

2. Florida Gators
They can have a terrible night for them and still win by 10 points. Well, three points if the replay official hadn't been watching Star Trek reruns, but who's counting?

3. LSU Tigers
In the most normal game between the Bayou Bengals and the Opelika Tigers in forever, they win easily. Suddenly look very dangerous in the SEC West race.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks
They defeated Ole Miss a few weeks ago, which is really the only thing that makes this team look like it's actually pretty good. But other games look to quickly show that the one good game was an outlier.

5. Mississippi Rebels
Welcome back. If Jevan Snead is clicking, it must be mid-October.

6. Tennessee Volunteers
So Kiffin can actually coach. I'm referring to Monte Kiffin, of course. Why -- whom did you think I was talking about?

7. Georgia Bulldogs
Is a win against Florida the only way to salvage the season?

8. Kentucky Wildcats
If they were ever in the running for a BCS bowl, they might learn their lesson about scheduling.

9. Auburn Tigers
Newfangled offense sputtering and a mid-tier bowl looks like the best possible scenario. So now we're back in 2008? Is this some new twist on daylight savings time?

10. Mississippi State Bulldogs
This is a dangerous team and could still ruin someone's season before the year is done.

11. Arkansas Razorbacks
So much for all that "surprising team of the year" talk.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores
Had Vandy actually defeated Carolina, they would have moved ahead of Arkansas.