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Sprints Questions the Consistency of Mike Slive // 10.23.09

Mike Slive: Do as I say do, not as I do
Bobby Petrino is in trouble for criticizing the officials for getting the calls wrong, an event followed by the SEC criticizing and suspending the same officials for getting the calls wrong.

"Coach Petrino has violated the Southeastern Conference Code of Ethics," Slive said in a statement.  "SEC Bylaw 10.5.4 clearly states that coaches, players and support personnel shall refrain from all public criticism of officials."

So is Mike Slive now going to reprimand himself?

Tapegate and Noisegate are closed
Mike Slive will send out memos about tape and artificial noise. I think the noise thing is ridiculous, as I did when the league forced South Carolina to stop its rooster crow. But he makes the rules, or at least enforces them.

Urban, you might want to keep that one to yourself
Meyer gets a little carried away with himself when talking about Tebow approaching Herschel Walker's rushing TD record.

"I was a Herschel Walker fan – like, nuts about him when I was in high school," Meyer said. "I got to meet him at the Heisman ceremony and sat and talked to him. I was actually a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan because of Herschel Walker."

I wonder if he'll tape his own quote on the locker room wall.

Apparently the stats really don't matter in the Heism@n race
Tebow still leads, according to a widely respected tracking poll.

Auburn CB gone
Harry Adams and the dreaded UVOTR.

The South has fallen again
Ole Miss' band is altering its rendition of the school's fight song to try to avoid chants of "the South will rise again."

Earlier this month, the Ole Miss student government passed a resolution suggesting the chant be replaced by the phrase, "To hell with LSU."

Because that's so much classier.

This is why concussions are a big deal
Even playing in college can destroy your brain if you don't take care of it.

Renardo Sidney is not someone you want your name next to right now
But John Wall is also undergoing an eligibility investigation. I could make a joke about this, but it would get me into another war with Kentucky fans.

Can you say 'cheap shot'?
Since it's a completely different issue than the Derrick Rose matter, a Memphis blog of course says the Tigers would have handled this so much better because of the Rose issue. Sure.

Can't say that I blame the guy
Someone fired off an e-mail to Gator Clause about a post that was supposed to be sarcastic. It's good that they had to clarify this, because I love sarcasm and thought I was pretty good at spotting it until I missed that one. But what do you expect from a blog that apparently found it funny to compare a young woman involved in an extramarital affair with an ESPN analyst to a Bulldog and/or Mississippi State -- HILARIOUS!

More misplaced sarcasm
Ah, right, Rocky Top Talk. Everyone who disagreed with Lane Kiffin is a moron. Way to elevate the debate. Here's a few things you missed: First, I might have the off typo, but I don't regularly misspell words. Second, Boy Wonder still hasn't proved 1/100th of what Pat Summitt has. Finally, there's a difference between committing a single secondary violation and having a slew of them while insulting opponents left and right and strutting around in an effort to be the poor team's version of Steve Spurrier. But if rehashing a six-month old argument makes you feel better about your football team, go right ahead.