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Combined SEC Power Poll Ballot for Week 7


Our combined ballot:

1 Alabama
2 Florida
4 South Carolina
5 Arkansas
6 Tennessee
7t Kentucky
7t Auburn
7t Georgia
10 Ole Miss
11 Mississippi State
12 Vanderbilt

Year2's ballot is found here. Mine is below.

1. Mark Ingram Alabama
As long as they have their star running back and that defense, the Tide should be fine.

2. Florida
Only because I decided to call a personal foul on LSU that's not supported by video evidence.

3. LSU
I kept wondering whether LSU was all that good early in the season. The more they play and defeat everyone except Florida, the less I'm allowed to wonder.

4. South Carolina
South Carolina didn't look good against Alabama, but the Tide also didn't look great. (Except Mark Ingram.) Yes, I'm accepting the moral victory on that one.

5. Arkansas
This is beginning to look like the team we thought was going to be the surprise team in the SEC this year. That should serve as a warning to everyone else on their schedule.

6. Kentucky
They lost to Alabama, Florida and South Carolina and have defeated everyone else they've played. They don't look so much like the Mildcats right now.

7. Auburn
That wasn't pretty.

8. Tennessee
If they could wear their orange uniforms on the road, they'd be higher.

9. Georgia
Beat someone not named Vanderbilt and we'll talk about forgetting that Tennessee loss.

10. Ole Miss
Beat someone not named Vanderbilt in SEC play.

11. Mississippi State
Next up: Annihilation by Florida.

12. Vanderbilt
What does a rebuilding year look like for Vanderbilt? Now we know.