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Sprints Is Feeling One Year Wise // 10.02.09

Happy Birthday to us. Because our site went live very late on Oct. 1 and most people probably didn't visit us until the next day, we celebrate Oct. 2 as our birthday here on Team Speed Kills. This is a relatively new tradition, as this anniversary is our ... um, let's check ... ah, yes, our first. Thanks to everyone who's helped make this site successful, from our contributors to our commenters to those who just read us. And particularly those who linked to us. At least as long as you had nice things to say.

If you look back at the original posts, what's striking is how scattershot and lacking in direction they were. I think we're a much better site now after a year, and our hope is to be able to say there has been as much improvement in our second year as in our first. Of course, you will be the ultimate judge of that.


We won't know for a while
John Brantley, father of John Brantley, on when we might know whether Tebow will play at LSU.

"They won't know until about middle of next week, to be honest with it," Brantley said. "They have to be honest with it. They really don't know right now."

Taking time is probably best.

Have some spare time on your hands?
A Tennessee fan does a comprehensive report on concussions over at Rocky Top Talk.


Snead sees dead people
Houston Nutt's advice to his quarterback: "Don't see ghosts." Discuss.

More WildWildcat?
Kentucky ponders how to get Randall Cobb more involved in the offense.

That would just be unfair
Five words to strike terror into the heart of any defensive lineman: Terrence Cody at running back.

Blount could be back on the field eventually
This might actually be a good thing, given that the last thing he likely needs is to have the most important and stabilizing force in his life ripped away. But it wouldn't be set in stone or immediate.

Blount has recently become a father. A person familiar with Kelly's plan said the resinstatement would not come immediately and likely not before Oregon's bye week on Oct. 17.

Maybe even Blount deserves a second chance.

NCAA still subject to law
Another court rules that the law does apply even to the mighty Association. Eventually, they might get the message.