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SEC Speaks, Let's Put Arkansas RefGate to Bed

The SEC has officially spoken, saying that the personal foul called on Malcom Sheppard late in Saturday's Arkansas-Florida game had "no evidence on the video to support" it. As for the disputed pass interference call on Ramon Broadway, the conference says it was a "judgment call" and that "a review of those calls have been communicated to Arkansas." This time, there's no cheeky quote about officials being upset.

So yes, everyone's in agreement that Florida got some help on its late game touchdown drive. But, there was still seven and a half minutes on the clock after that drive and it was a tie game. Arkansas missed a field goal on its next drive and then let Florida, without the aid of penalties, drive the length of the field and kick the game winner.

Both teams had opportunities after the penalty affair; one team missed its kick and one team made its kick. Let's call an end to this with that.