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BCS Rankings Released

It's time for the insanity to begin again as the initial BCS rankings of the 2009 season have been released. [PDF] Florida is first and Alabama is second. Your Top 10:

1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Boise State
5 Cincinnati
6 Iowa
7 Southern Cal
10 Miami

Boise State can never complain about the polls again, as the only reason I can see for them being fourth in the country is the "they won, move them up" philosophy that non-traditional powers have decried for years. And, no, the computer rankings don't "fix" that because they can't take into account things like MOV and the fact that Boise State barely defeated Tulsa.

Iowa is one of the biggest gaps between humans and the robots in the Top 10, which have the Hawkeyes at No. 3 while the flesh-and-blood voters put them at Nos. 7 and 8. Another notable is Southern Cal, which hasn't done much but is No. 4 in both human polls and No. 11 according to the chips. (Win to the computers on both points.)

Houston is behind Oklahoma State -- again the blame goes to those who are supposedly able to recognize things like head-to-head -- and Ohio State is only in the poll at all because the human inexplicably decided to keep the Buckeyes in the Top 25 after losing to Purdue.

Your only other SEC team in the rankings is South Carolina at No. 24, in part because the coaches decided losing by 14 to the No. 2 team in the land isn't a firing offense and in part because the computers have them No. 22.

No. 25 Kansas is also in thanks to the sentient beings. The one thing you can say in favor of computers is that they tend to recognize things like losing to Colorado don't happen to ranked teams.

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