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Topics for Discussion // 10.17.09

Mark Ingram for Heism@n? Ask South Carolina what they think about his chances after the running back rushed for 246 yards, two thirds of his team's total offense for the night. In many cases, it didn't matter that South Carolina knew that Ingram was going to get the ball and what he was going to do with it. He ran around defenders when he could find a way to and ran over them when they got in the way. Overall, he has 905 yards and 8 TDs with as many as seven games to go.

More impressive: Alabama or Florida? Or should that be less unimpressive? Both teams played subpar games but were bailed out by their best players or by their opponents' own issues. (Or the officials.) At least Alabama did it to a team that was ranked at the time and is now 5-2. Then again, Arkansas actually showed the ability at times to capitalize on Florida's mistakes, an idea that seemed alien to South Carolina.

What happened to the Year of the SEC Quarterback? Almost every signal caller in the league except Tim Tebow had a pretty bad day; completion percentages at or below 50 percent are the norm almost across the board. Are we back to where we were last year, when one or maybe two teams have a decent quarterback? Or was it just a bad week?

When I say Auburn Tigers, you say ... ? The second straight upset of the Plainsmen, this one by Kentucky, makes it look like we were all too eager to declare Auburn "back." Arkansas could be explained away as the Perfect Storm, a team with a problematic pass defense facing a strong air attack. No one ever called post-Andre Woodson Kentucky a superb passing team.

What are the big games of the second half? Florida's win paired with South Carolina's loss pretty much deflates their late-season matchup after Georgia's beginning pretty much made that showdown moot for all purposes other than bragging rights. Alabama-LSU could very well be the only major game left in terms of the standings.