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A Few Bonus Score Projections

Don't say I never did nothing for ya. These are arrived at via the same method as yesterday's SEC score projections. No tables this time, just the scores for some of the big games around the country.


Absolute: Texas 28 - Oklahoma 17

Percentage: Texas 17 - Oklahoma 17

Oklahoma is a different team with Sam Bradford, and both Sooner losses were by one point and came with him missing all or part of the game. For that reason, I think the OU score projections might be low. And for as much as people are ragging on Oklahoma for not looking great in their two games against teams with a pulse, Texas has only played one decent team and they struggled to an uninspiring 10-point win over Texas Tech. Vegas has OU ranked No. 5 this week, and I think this could be a great game.


Absolute: USC 25 - Notre Dame 16

Percentage: USC 24 - Notre Dame 11

I am not convinced either of these teams is all that good, but USC's defense appears to be a reasonable facsimilie of the good Trojan defenses of the past. When in doubt, go with the team with a defense.


Absolute: VT 40 - GT 23

Percentage: VT 45 - GT 21

It's hard to make good predictions about Georgia Tech because it all depends on whether the offensive execution is high or not. If it is, they're running flaming death to defenses. If it's not, they fumble six times and are lucky to score. Ultimately, I tend to agree with the projection that VT's defense is good enough to hold the Jackets down either way, and that GT's suddenly suspect defense might give up some points. I don't buy 40 points for the Hokies, but they'll get enough.


Absolute: Iowa 30 - Wisconsin 20

Percentage: Iowa 30 - Wisconsin 18

The Badgers have a nice record, but they haven't won any games convincingly. Iowa has won a couple of games convincingly while also doing things like nearly losing to UNI and Arkansas State. This might be the weekend the Hawkeyes finally lose (and they will), but I doubt it.


Absolute: Miami 22 - UCF 17

Percentage: Miami 22 - UCF 19

This is one bonus game as my hometown team and mother's alma mater UCF somehow got Miami to come to their place.

I question the validity of this one simply because UCF has accumulated its stats against CUSA teams while Miami's have come against ACC and Big 12 teams. Even so, I think the Knights will give Hurricanes some trouble because this is a huge game for them. This is the first time one of the state's Big Three will come to Orlando, and UCF would love nothing more to pick up a win and stick it to the hated (and I do mean hated) USF Bulls and their "Big Four" billboard campaign. UCF won't win, but they'll keep it closer than most think thanks to that edge and Miami missing four starters.