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Sprints Would Like to Know Why We're All Talking About Mark Richt If His Job is Safe // 10.16.09

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Does history prove that Richt can't do it?
Groo defends Mark Richt and hits on the issue that I think Damon Evans will consider before making his final decision.

The comparisons with coaches who pulled out of a nosedive are much more difficult to find although there’s one within our own program [Vince Dooley]. Is that because it’s relatively rare for successful coaches to recover from this position?

There aren't many examples of where they have. But Richt could be the one guy in the country to get a chance to prove it's wrong.

The real differences
The Mayor also defends Richt and takes a swing at your humble correspondent in a well-written (as always) post. The responses in reverse order.

First, as always, Sprints is supposed to be a humorous look at the news, so there is a bit of levity involved in what I said. However, it's also oversimplifying to say the difference between the disciplinary situations is "the difference between being arrested and clearing up a speeding ticket by paying a fine." In the case of the player who had to pay the fine, he also missed a court date and had a bench warrant issued for his arrest. The only real difference between the two cases is that the police were further away in the latter case than in the former.

Second: The question is not whether Mark Richt should remain the coach at Georgia beyond the 2009 season; the question is whether he will. I agree with the Mayor on what should happen, I'm just not sure about what will happen.

To find the solution to the problem, you have to know what it is
But what Richt believes is his problem on defense is actually a spot where they're doing pretty well.

A perfect place for a help wanted ad
What, that's not downtown Athens? My mistake. (Yes, I know downtown Athens is lovely. All three blocks of it. It's called a joke.)


Vanderbilt's quarterbacks disagree about how good one of them is
Larry Smith, the current starting QB for the Vanderbilt Commodores:

"It's a little bit of everything," Smith said. "The defensive line (getting to me). We're really shooting ourselves in the foot with the penalties. It's my first year starting. I know I'm going to get better."

Mackenzi Adams, would-be starting QB for the Vanderbilt Commodores:

"I guess they're trying to go with just one guy unless he just can't play," Adams said. "With my past history (of coming off the bench), I have been a little surprised. It's pretty frustrating, but it's not my decision.

"If you look at any other position, if someone is not playing well, then somebody else is coming in for them whether they are a starter, a captain. ... And it's usually for the better, because if someone's not playing good, they probably shouldn't be playing."

Isn't it great when everybody on the team gets along? (HT: Vanderbilt Sports Line)

Stop it
I remember the Blackout that South Carolina called against Florida back in 2001, the first time I had ever heard of such a thing. I was covering the game for The Gamecock, and those in the press box are supposed to at least pretend to be objective, so I wore black jeans and a black short-sleeved South Carolina shirt under a tan long-sleeved shirt. The Gamecocks were 7-2 as Florida came in. My former editor in chief took me up on top of the press box and showed me an impressive view as 2001 started and the players entered the field. It was breathtaking.

The Gamecocks lost 54-17 in a game that was not as close as the score indicated.

In any case, ever since then I have thought color-themed games were a bad idea, even before Georgia's ill-fated Blackout last year against Alabama. But now it's the newest craze in college football, and Auburn is calling for "Navy Nightmare" against Ole Miss on Halloween.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

No UK quarterback announcement until Saturday
You would think Rich Brooks is close enough to Cleveland to realize that this does not impart any strategic advantage.

Quarterbacks and cornerbacks
A Sea of Blue takes a look at UK's likely starters on passing defense and offense for the Auburn game. Their money on the signal-callers: Some of both Morgan Newton and Will Fidler.

At this point, nobody knows for sure what Brooks is thinking -- will he go with a trimmed-down offensive package and more athleticism, or try to rely on what has worked so far with a different quarterback at the helm?  There are merits to both strategies, and odds are that we will see a bit of both, particularly if the starter fails to move the football the first couple of series.

Randall Cobb still appears to be out of the discussion, despite the fact that he's the only quarterback to have faced SEC defenses on a regular basis.

Taylor Wyndham to get start
A nice piece about a player known currently as the man who concussed Tim Tebow.

Michael Smith a "game-time decision"
This could really hurt the Arkansas Razorbacks' chances against -- who are they playing again?

Oh. Florida.

Forget I even said anything about chances.

The latest honor for Crompton
He wins the ATVSSECOSPPOW award.

Gamecocks .500 watch
I might add this to Kicking Off in the future. South Carolina is currently just above .500 all-time, but could fall back to the mark with an expected loss to Alabama this weekend.

Renardo Sidney budges a bit
As the inquiry keeps going and going and going ...