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Other Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

It should be a tough grind over the next couple of weeks as the Tide continue to play good defenses like they did last week. The trick is that this week's opponent South Carolina has a functional offense.

2. Florida

With the win over LSU, the gap is razor thin here. In terms of common opponents with Alabama, Florida holds the better win over Kentucky. This week we'll get to see if UF can beat out Bama's 35-7 win over Arkansas.

3. LSU

My, what a drop off after the top two. LSU is still a year away from contending for a spot above third.

4. South Carolina

I put the Gamecocks here because of the 5-1 record, but the loss to Georgia is not looking so good.

5. Arkansas

When comparing Arkansas with South Carolina, they have the better win with Auburn than SC has with Ole Miss. However, their loss to Georgia was worse.

6. Auburn

No one else they face has as good an offense as Arkansas does until they get to the Iron Bowl at the end. If they pull out the win over LSU, 10-2 is looking very possible.

7. Tennessee

UT gets the edge here for now thanks to the big win, but winning over Georgia doesn't really look all that big.

8. Ole Miss

I give the Rebels this spot because the defense is for real. The offense is completely squandering it though.

9. Georgia

Oy. The win over South Carolina is good, but that loss to Tennessee is bad.

10. Kentucky

Kentucky is plucky, but they're really not anything better than last year.

11. Mississippi State

The moral victory champions of the league so far.

12. Vanderbilt

At least they support the troops, right?