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Sprints Heartily Endorses Willie Martinez for Years to Come // 10.13.09

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Team Speed Kills Now, tonight at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT. We've got lawvol from Gate 21 to discuss the big SEC win for the Vols, Jay from Track Em Tigers to discuss the beginning of the Gene Chizik Era and Gamecock Man from Garnet and Black Attack to preview the marquee South Carolina-Alabama matchup. And of course we'll release the SEC Power Poll and tell you what to look for in the second half of the season.


'You're doin' a heckuva job, Willie'
What more does Mark Richt need to see that his defensive coordinator is not helping the program by adding to the rolls of Heism@n candidates each week?

"I think a lot of people expect blood. They want somebody to be let go and fired and all that kind of thing and maybe that's what needs to be done," Richt said to one critical caller. "But at this point right now, we're going to do what we know is the best thing to do and that is to focus on this game this week [at Vanderbilt]."

There are a lot of things that can be debated about which direction Georgia needs to take to recover from what is looking to be the worse year of Richt's tenure. The continued employment of Willie Martinez is not debatable. I almost put "should not be" there, but even that is too soft in an instance where I can think of no objective reason to retain Martinez. Wait a minute. If Georgia has to play South Carolina every year with Martinez as defensive coordinator ...

Willie Martinez should absolutely remain defensive coordinator at Georgia as long as he wants.

Westerdawg says that's okay for now
But there have to be changes made in the future.

'I'd like to introduce Georgia's next defensive coordinator: Tommy Tuberville'
Well, there have been stranger rumors. Strike that. There has never been a stranger rumor in college football.

Even Vanderbilt is picking on Georgia now
The Commodores declare Saturday a "Paint it Black" day. C'mon, they haven't had a rough enough year already?

Jonathan Crompton is the SEC Offensive Player of the Week
Usually, we don't report on these sorts of things. But a sure-fire sign of the pending Apocalypse cannot go unmentioned.'


Mike Hartline done for 2009
After a back-and-forth day, Rich Brooks says Hartline will probably miss the rest of the season with a complete MCL tear.

Randall Cobb isn't going to be Hartline's replacement
I can't help but think that's a mistake.

Tebow still being tested some
Nothing major.

He really just wanted a reason to get the iPhone 3GS
Urban Meyer changes his number to avoid the LSU mobs. That should deter them until ... next year's game.

Meyer sees a redshirt season in Carl Moore's future
At this point, it doesn't seem to make much sense to burn off his last year of eligibility, either for Moore or the school.

Yes, I think we can all agree that that was less than ideal

LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton showed a poor sense of timing on Saturday night when his unit scored all of three points in a 13-3 loss to No. 1 Florida in front of the largest crowd in Tiger Stadium history (93,129) and one day after LSU announced he received a $50,000 raise to $450,000 a year.

It could be worse. He could be Willie Martinez.

Difference No. 347 between you and a football player
You would know when you lost a piece of your ear.

Well, I doubt he did it intentionally before the Ohio State game
Some wonder if Kirk Herbstreit is secretly working to help the Gators.

Police rule Southern Miss punter's death a suicide
When does a young man's life spin so thoroughly out of control that he decides to end it? It's not clear in cases like Derrick Odell, whose father had died recently and who had not yet played for his team. None of that should be enough to take the gift of life God has given us, but suicide is an act born of a desperation that no one who has not at least tried to travel that road can understand.