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Half of the BlogPoll Ballot for Week 6

I'll go first this week. Apparently, Year2 is working on a ballot prepared with these antiquated things called "statistics."


1 Alabama
2 Virginia Tech
3 Florida
4 Iowa
5 Texas

Iowa, Florida and Texas are among the movers here, in part because LSU has to fall a bit after the loss to Florida. The Gators and the Longhorns prove that resume ballots do what the other polls purportedly do -- they correct themselves over time. Both Florida and Texas are gradually getting to where everyone thought they would be at the beginning of the season; they just have to earn it first.

7 Southern Cal
8 Oregon
9 Boise State
10 Miami

LSU has the second-best loss of the season behind the Hokies' defeat against Alabama, so I'm not going to drop them too far. Southern Cal's loss to Washington is troubling, but they've had a good season otherwise. Oregon ahead of Boise State? Yes, because the Broncos haven't played anyone since defeating the Ducks and the team from Eugene has actually put together a reasonable schedule.

11 Auburn
12 Nebraska
13 Cincinnati
14 Kansas
15 Georgia Tech

I'm not crazy about Auburn here, but Nebraska and Cincinnati haven't played anyone that would convince me to move them ahead of the Tigers, so there they sit. The Huskers are finally beginning to play and win some actual games, meaning they could be in the Top 10 shortly. Cincinnati is going to have a more difficult time getting into the elite being that they are in the Big Least. Kansas is quietly undefeated and might be the best team in the Big XII North, but we'll see. Georgia Tech? They've beat some relatively decent teams along the way.

16 Ohio State
17 Houston
18 TCU
19 South Carolina
20 Oklahoma State

Ohio State could be locked out of the Top 10 for until November when you look at their schedule and consider that I rank teams based on what they've done, not how good I think they are. I still like Houston; one loss doesn't kill a team on a resume ballot, which is one of the reasons I like this way of building a ballot. TCU might be a bit low, but their only BCS wins are lacking. Once they start playing teams like Utah and BYU, their stock could go up. South Carolina. Oooooh. Oklahoma State comes in at No. 20 because they haven't played anyone. Once they get into the Big XII schedule, they'll move back ahead of the Gamecocks and up the ballot if they're as good as everyone seems to still kindasorta think they are.

21 Oklahoma
22 Wake Forest
23 South Florida
24 Missouri
25 Wisconsin

The Sooners still haven't done anything to impress me and might still be overrated here. Wake Forest? Sure. It's the ACC, we might as well take a crazy pick every now and then. South Florida is undefeated but has played a schedule that Bill Snyder wouldn't even be shameless enough to craft. Missouri's loss to Nebraska almost knocked them out entirely. Wisconsin finally played a real team. They lost.