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Topics for Discussion // 10.10.09

More impressive: Alabama 22, Ole Miss 3 or Florida 13, LSU 3? Neither game was ever really in doubt, and keep in mind that Tim Tebow was coming off a concussion and Greg McElroy was not. Both teams had a pretty easy time moving between the 20s before running out of steam in the red zone. Florida probably had the more difficult foe and the more hyped game, but Alabama also faced what was supposed to be at least a decent team on the road.

Does any one-loss team have a chance at the SEC title? Which one? Your only choices are Auburn, LSU and South Carolina. Unless you think one of the two-loss teams has a chance, in which case I would ask that you explain yourself.

What the heck just happened to Georgia? I didn't get to watch much of this game, but the box score tells a grisly tale. The Dawgs were outgained almost two-to-one by the Vols (472-241), literally no offensive skill player had a good day and the defense -- well, Jonathan Crompton can win the Heism@n with a few more days like that (see below). The turnovers were still there -- three of them -- but don't tell me that this would have been any different with them.

Do we have to take Tennessee seriously now? What about Crompton? Not to make too much out of too little, but over his last six quarters, Crompton's passer rating is 282.92. That's 36-of-54, 507 yards, 6 TDs and 1 INT. Sure, both Georgia and Auburn's defenses are suspect, to put in kindly, but they're still SEC defenses. Tennessee can now credibly look to play in a bowl game. All they have to do is win three among at Alabama (no), vs. South Carolina (maybe), vs. Memphis (should), at Ole Miss (maybe), vs. Vanderbilt (should), at Kentucky (likely). Win the ones they're favored in, and that's six. Split the toss-ups and it's seven.

Do you feel any better about Arkansas now? The Hogs defeated one of the only unbeatens remaining in the SEC in Auburn and did so in pretty convincing fashion. But their schedule is still a meat grinder: at Florida, at Ole Miss, vs. Eastern Michigan, vs. South Carolina, vs. Troy, vs. Mississippi State and at LSU. I see one sure win, two likely, two toss-ups, a likely loss and an almost sure loss. They need three to go bowling, which is about all that Arkansas has left at this point.