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Sprints Wonders About Tim Terrific // 10.01.09


Terrific or terrified? Urban Meyer says his injured quarterback is "terrific." That's probably a relative statement. Orange and Blue Hue, meanwhile, is "terrified" by the prospect of John Brantley starting, which strikes me as a more dire assessment than I've seen from most Florida blogs and fans. The most interesting assessment of the incident comes from the SEC's only description of it during the highlight package on its digital video site.

Tebow, after being sacked in the third quarter, was tended to briefly on the field and walked off under his own power, but he did not return to the game.

Can we say "whitewash"?

Because every fan wants the punter more involved
Meet Florida's new backup quarterback.

Other coaches say Meyer was fine
Les Miles draws on Michigan Man Bo Schembechler's example.

I can remember a hundred years ago when I was an assistant coach on Schembechler’s staff and I said 'Boy this is the time we need to substitute Bo,' and he said 'Shut up.' He said we keep our starters in there and fight like hell to the end. And I didn’t think that he had it exactly right, and then as a head coach I think back on some of those things and I say you know what? He’s exactly right. You finish this thing right.

Which sounds exactly like Schembechler, though he coached in a slightly different era.

Protecting Tebow
Meyer talks about protecting Tebow, but in the process shows how difficult it is.

A lot of those runs are not designed runs. If something's not there, a lot of quarterbacks throw it away but you don't see Tim do that very often. He's going to try to get positive yards.

That's why it might be better for Tebow to sit out for a game either way. He's not going to slide just because he has a concussion.

At least one Florida fan doesn't believe it, either
Alligator Army is skeptical of the "great to be a Gator" story. mlmintampa also thinks we'll know who the starter is by "this time next week."

LSU doesn't have to worry until he makes "Lou Holth" level
EDSBS introduces The Tim Tebow Concussion Watch.


Another, worse injury two decades later
Great story about Chucky Mullins and the anniversary of the fateful game that claimed his life.

No Tiger Walk in Knoxville
Ahem, cough cough, "safety issues" are the culprit.

"The area where the visiting teams drop off is on a hill in a very tight space (by Gate 10)," UT spokesperson Tiffany Carpenter said Wednesday in an e-mail to The News Sentinel. "In 2004 when the Tigers played here, we had approximately 5,000 fans show up with the band and the cheerleaders, which was a great atmosphere, but a huge safety issue for the student-athletes, band and cheerleaders and fans because of the tight space."


Jonathan Crompton is not the worst QB in the SEC ... kinda
And The Valley Shook unveils the ATVSQBPI for Week 4.

Alabama's Hightower has knee surgery
Saban calls it "successful."

Rich Brooks thinks skin cancer is ...
Brooks had surgery Wednesday for a cancer on his leg. Best of luck to him.

You will be our cupcake!
Mississippi State is raising the buyout clauses for their cupcake nonconference games.

Herschel Walker wants to fight UFC president
I'm not sure if this is getting more entertaining or sadder.