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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 14

1. Florida
I think the initially line for the SEC Championship is at 117.5 right now. Which is stupid, but what are you going to do?

2. Alabama
Hooray! A blowout! Too bad it came against perhaps the worst offense in modern history.

3. Mississippi
These guys are playing as well as any team in the conference not named Florida or Alabama. Houston Nutt's done an incredible job.

4. Georgia
Wow. From national championship contender to Capital One Bowl contestant. Yeesh.

5. South Carolina
A good team on its good days, a below-average team on its worst days, an average team on its average days. Pretty much like everyone else except the Top 4.

6. LSU
Les Miles will not be eating any taffy for a while.

7. Arkansas
The Hogs could surprise some folks in 2009.

8. Kentucky
This might be the worst 6-6 team in the history of the SEC. Oh, wait a minute. Vanderbilt's also 6-6.

9. Vanderbilt
This is the worst 6-6 team in the history of the SEC.

10. Tennessee
A nice emotional boost for the Vols can't hide the fact that they've had an abysmal season.

11. Auburn
Just fire everyone. Including the players.

12. Mississippi State
Consider this: The Bulldogs went from losing 45-0 to LSU last year to losing 45-0 to Mississippi this year.