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Coaching Notes

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I'll have more on this later, but I have to admit that I share the reaction of the rest of the blogosphere. My first thought when I heard that Gene Chizik is about to become the head coach at Auburn was, "Gene Chizik?" Then, I thought about it for a few minutes, and thought: "Gene Chizik?!? Really?!?"

Again, 5-19 at Iowa State. He coaches in the Big XII. And before you think that, well, the Big XII is a pretty good conference and ... stop. Iowa State plays in the Big XII North, which would be the weaker division if it were incorporated into the Big East.

Meanwhile, Phil Fulmer does not have a job at the University of Tennessee, contrary to previous (controversial) announcements. You have to wonder if this means that he could take a Steve Spurrier- or Butch Davis-style break and return to coaching next year. Probably not, but just putting it out there.

But Dave Clawson does have a job, as the head coach of Bowling Green. You really have to wonder if the other name on their list was Gene Chizik.