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Spurrier to Ala ... I mean, Texa ... I mean, Auburn

UPDATE: More from the always-reliable Alabama television stations. WALA says Texas HCIW Will Muschamp is "likely" the choice, giving WVUE in New Orleans credit for breaking the story, though I cannot find a Muschamp story on WVUE's Web site.


Steve Spurrier sure gets around. Remember a couple of years ago, when the sources were telling us he was absolutely going to be named the head coach at Miami (FL) and Alabama -- in the same year? Or last year, when he was en route to College Station, then going to take the LSU job when Les Miles went to Michigan?

Or earlier this year, when the Ol' Ball Coach was headed to Knoxville to coach the Vols, which would be comparable to Barack Obama being elected governor of Waziristan?

Well, now he's headed to, ahem, Auburn. Because he looks at Kodi Burns and thinks, "Now there's a quarterback that can run the Fun 'n' Gun!"

Sources I have spoken to within the last few hours have confided that current South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier has been contacted by Auburn officials.

A source close to the situation stated that Spurrier’s name was on Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs’s short list, but would not give further information. Another source stated that Spurrier had interviewed with Jacobs late last week, and details of an offer have not been finalized.

"Auburn is being very careful not to upset the bowl preparations that are going on with Steve and South Carolina," the source said.

(HT: Joe Person)

So here's what we have: Auburn has either placed Spurrier on its short list, or contacted him, or interviewed him, or a combination of the three. Meanwhile, as other candidates on the Tigers' list are linked to other jobs, Auburn is waiting patiently because Spurrier has to prepare ... for the Outback Bowl?

Now, we have the always-reliable Alabama television stations jumping into the fray.

The WSFA 12 Sports team has learned that Auburn University may be close to offering its head coaching job, and that person could be South Carolina's Steve Spurrier.

A source in the coaching profession tells us he's hearing strong indications that point to Spurrier as the Tigers' top choice. However, Spurrier has been quoted in other media saying that his coaching future is at South Carolina.

We don't know if Auburn is about to offer the job to anyone -- BUT THEY MIGHT!!! And we don't know if that someone who might or might not be offered the job is Spurrier -- BUT IT COULD BE!!!

For anyone who thinks this is too dismissive of Spurrier-to-Auburn, consider: Spurrier is 63 years old. Why would he launch yet another rebuilding project, and why would Auburn hire him, when the likelihood is the Ol' Ball Coach will be bowing out in two to six years? Even Barnhart is incredulous. And Spurrier would be walking into a situation, as EDSBS noted in a post about other Auburn candidates, "where you aren't sure who can fire you, who you answer to, or how many times you can lose to Alabama before you are shown the door unceremoniously. Um, we mean retire."

But news-starved fan bases abhor a vacuum. Even Mississippi State has found a credible new coach, while Auburn's search seems muddled. Chris Low, though, has an answer for the Tigers faithful: There is hope! Or signs of life! Or, at least, something approaching clarity!

Tulsa's Todd Graham and Ball State's Brady Hoke have interviewed with Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs about the Tigers' vacant head coaching position.

TCU coach Gary Patterson is scheduled to meet with Auburn on Thursday, a person briefed on the meeting told ESPN's Joe Schad. ...

Other head coaches Jacobs has reportedly interviewed include Buffalo's Turner Gill and Louisiana Tech's Derek Dooley. Georgia assistant Rodney Garner and Miami offensive coordinator Patrick Nix, both former Auburn players, also have interviewed for the post.

The odd thing about this search, reading Low's story, is that the usual non-denial denials are gone. Where coaches usually leap away from being associated with a hot job, these coaches seem to be fighting each other to be mentioned. Next thing you know, there will be ads: "Ball State looked good when they were undefeated. But then they lost. To Buffalo. Coached by Turner Gill. And Brady Hoke once had a sandwich at the same restaurant as Bill Ayers. I'm Turner Gill, and I approved this message because Auburn deserves better than Brady Hoke."

Who will be Auburn's coach? I don't know, and I don't think anyone does. Which is why you'll keep hearing Spurrier rumors until the actual head coach is named. Then, Auburn fans can finish up the Spurrier cyle the same way every other fan base does.

"Aw, we didn't really want Spurrier, anyway."