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Let's have a playoff

Everyone always has my playoff ideas first. This time, it was The Rivalry, Esq., who pre-emptively ripped off my idea to have a vote for the champion under a playoff, much like mgoblog's Brian Cook pre-emptively ripped off my idea for a playoff format a year before I wrote it. People, get your own ideas.

But, and in all seriousness, Brian has never held (to my knowledge) a vote on the mgoplayoff's outcome in a given year and The Rivalry has the eight-team variation I dread. So let's combine the two elements.

For background: I am not really a playoff proponent, but have come to the realization that one is almost inevitable. So after taking into account the valid arguments for and against a playoff, your humble correspondent proposed a six-team playoff broken into three rounds.

Under "A Modest Proposal," the bracket for 2008 would look like this:


For those of you wondering: Yes, USC is Southern Cal and OU is Oklahoma.

So let's see if it will produce a different outcome than the eight-team bracket. Starting with Game 1: (6) Utah vs. (3) Texas. Leave arguments below. We'll take votes until 11:55 p.m. ET Monday.