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Topics for Discussion, 11.08.08

Who's your favorite in Atlanta? For the first time I can remember in a while, we are done with the races for the two SEC divisions with three weeks to go in the season. And that is, to an extent, all that ESPN and friends will talk about when it comes to our league for the next three weeks: Who wins? So who's your pick: Alabama or Florida?

How good would LSU have been with Ryan Perrilloux? At this point, Jarrett Lee has 13 TDs and 14 INTs, including two picks against Florida, three against Georgia and four against Alabama. The interceptions against the Gators and the Dawgs arguably just contributed to routs. But against the Tide, they made a difference. Might Perrilloux have made a difference in any of those games?

What happened to Georgia? After all, the Dawgs have gone from favorites to win it all to SEC afterthoughts. And they gave up 38 points to a comatose Kentucky offense. Were those of us -- self included -- who thought a team with Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno was ready to make the jump (even if we didn't account for A.J. Green) wrong? Were the injuries too much? Or were we just underestimating Florida?

Where's the floor for Tennessee? Is this it? Do they go 3-9, finishing up the collapse with losses at Vanderbilt and against Kentucky? If you say no, kindly identify which of those games they win. And if you say they lose out, tell us how it will affect Fulmer's legacy.

Who else goes? Can Tommy Tuberville survive? What about Sylvester Croom? And does Bobby Petrino find another job or stay at Arkansas?