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Any other conference want Tennessee?

The Vols, though, are fired up for their coach and actually do play some defense.--cocknfire, Week 11 preview

Yes, but they play absolutely no offense. Which is why Tennessee failed to put together a drive of 30 yards or more until their first possession of the third quarter. That resulted in the Vols' first and only TD of the afternoon and ended the scoring in Knoxville. Final score: Wyoming 13, Tennessee 7.

And so the nightmare gets worse for Tennessee, and the SEC has another poor interconference game to try to explain away. Certainly, Alabama and Florida can play with anyone in the country -- unless Alabama does end up falling to LSU, still a strong possibility at this point.

The TD drive ended up being one of only two of more than 30 yards that Tennessee ended up piecing together in the entire game. This was no fluke; Wyoming outgained Tennessee, 266-219, and was +1 on turnovers.

How bad is Tennesseee? It's tough to tell at this point. But the Vols still have to play two more games -- and they won't be favorites against Vanderbilt or Kentucky -- before the worst season in a long time comes to its empty end.