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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 10

1. Florida
It won't show up in the box score, but Florida obliterated Georgia and proved to be the best team in the conference. At least for now.

2. Alabama
Rolled over Arkansas State in preparation for the SEC West's game of the year -- at LSU.

3. Georgia
Here's a bit of advice: Don't dance on the field after scoring a TD. It's not polite.

4. LSU
Rarely can an SEC team give up 50+ points in two games and still be regarded as the fourth-best team in the country. Such is the SEC in 2008.

5. South Carolina
Yeah, you beat Tennessee -- but what does that really tell us?

6. Mississippi
They have a slightly worse record than Kentucky, but against much better competition. Houston Nutt is starting to build a winner, giggity giggity.

7. Kentucky
Bowl eligible for the third year in a row -- w00t! And there might be at least one more win among vs. Georgia, vs. Vanderbilt and at Tennessee.

8. Vanderbilt
They've still got a chance for a sixth or even seventh win against collapsing Tennessee and diminished Wake Forest. But what might have been?

9. Arkansas
Who thought Petrino would even do this good in his first year? Or beat a ranked team? Sure, a ranked team from C-USA, but a ranked team nonetheless.

10. Auburn
I want to rank them last, I really do. But they are, sadly, not the worst team in the SEC.

11. Tennessee
The resignation of Phil Fulmer can't save them now.

12. Misssissippi State
CROOMed by Vanderbilt. The end is near for Sly.