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Topics for Discussion // 11.22.08

So, what's the bowl picture look like now? It all seemed so clear about 10 days ago, but the LSU loss to Ole Miss really upends things. If the Rebels win the Egg Bowl, it could be Houston Nutt's team that heads to the Cotton Bowl. If the Outback chooses South Carolina -- which it likely will -- that could drop LSU down to the Peach Chick-fil-A Bowl. But if LSU loses and/or Vanderbilt wins next week, the Peach Chick-fil-A could have the option of choosing the Commodores. If you're the blazer-clad clique from Atlanta, who do you think would travel better: LSU fans disappointed in their bowl destination, or Vandy fans happy to have a bowl destination? That would knock LSU down to Liberty or Music City. Of course, that's not even accounting for Kentucky, who could defeat Tennessee and get thrown into the same mix. And if South Carolina can't beat Clemson, everything explodes.

South Carolina defeated Ole Miss who defeated LSU who defeated South Carolina. Which one (or two) of those games is (are) the outlier(s)?

Upon seeing Florida 70, The Citadel 19, your reaction is:

(a) Whatever.
(b) Florida only scored 70?
(c) Florida gave up 19 to The Citadel?
(d) Why didn't the Citadel concede?

LSU's quarterback of the future is ______________.

(a) Jarrett Lee
(b) Andrew Hatch
(c) Jordan Jefferson
(d) Ryan Perrilloux