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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 12

1. Florida
It's too soon. Ask me next week.

2. Alabama
They actually blew somebody out this week. Too bad it was functionally an FCS team.

3. Georgia
Somewhere below Florida and Alabama but ahead of the remainder of the SEC. Probably closer to the latter than the former.

4. LSU
Troy?!? Troy?!?

5. South Carolina
Got waxed by Florida. Just like (with the exception of Ole Miss) everyone else who faced them.

6. Mississippi
A bowl bid. Okay, Rebels fans: A bowl is a game played after the regular season is over. It means your team did well and ...

7. Vanderbilt
No. 6 can happen. What do you know.

8. Kentucky
Norfolk State = bowl bid. Good job there.

9. Arkansas
Bye week tells us nothing, but the Hogs have done better than most expected.

10. Auburn
Firing Franklin won't help. Will firing Tuberville?

11. Tennessee
Nine losses isn't that bad. Really. It's better than 10.

12. Mississippi State
Too bad it's not the NFL; you could draft a quarterback.