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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 11

1. Florida
My BlogPoll ballot doesn't mean I think they're "better" than Alabama. This vote does. The Gators are more complete than Alabama, and the loss against Ole Miss doesn't change that.

2. Alabama
Can you continue to win in the last moments or by razor-thin margins week after week after week? Florida did it in 2006, and Bama's trying to do it now.

3. LSU
Fighting Alabama to the wire is the first time this team has shown a pulse against one of the better teams in the SEC this year. Can they keep it up?

4. Georgia
You allowed 38 points to Kentucky? The one without Andre Woodson and Co.? Congratulations; your defense is now officially as good as Norfolk State.

5. South Carolina
Could I toast in the New Year before my Gamecocks play their bowl game? A respectable loss to Florida, a victory against Clemson and ...

6. Mississippi
Houston Nutt cannot score a dramatic upset or an inexplicable loss on a bye week.

7. Kentucky
Ooooh. Offense. Now, about that -- cough cough -- "tough" defense ...

8. Arkansas
They actually have a pretty decent offense. Which is worth something this year in the SEC.

9. Vanderbilt
Let's face it: They're not going to a bowl. They're putrid. It's over. Got waxed by Florida. Horrible Terrible. Awful. (P.S. -- Bobby Johnson, I'm trying to give you bulletin board material. Use it.)

10. Auburn
I've run out of ways to say you're terrible.

11. Tennessee
They lost to Wyoming. They lost to Wyoming. Which makes me say ... They lost to Wyoming.

12. Mississippi State
The team that lost to Wyoming finishes ahead of you. What more needs to be said?