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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 6

Sorry for the light posting today. Theorems and Stratagems and the SEC Power Poll (at Garnet and Black Attack) will be up tonight.

1. Alabama
Still the best team in the conference. Sure, they struggled with Kentucky. Who wouldn't, the week after demolishing Georgia?

2. LSU
No losses, though their win over Auburn doesn't look quite as good as it once did. Still, no one has shown the consistency necessary to take down the Bayou Bengals.

3. Georgia
Still think they're a good team. A bye week can't change that.

4. Florida
You can't count out any team with Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin. But we'll know how good the Gators are by -- well, how about Saturday, when they face LSU?

5. Vanderbilt
From winning with, um, "opportunistic play" to winning by just being better than the other guys, this team is moving in the right direction. This could be a special season in Nashville.

6. Auburn
They don't have a functional offense. But they've got company in the SEC, in the form of Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Arkansas.

7t. Kentucky
Still hasn't won an SEC game.

7t. South Carolina
Looking better every week. Won a game with offense and, after the first quarter, the defense also decided to make an appearance. There might still be hope in Columbia.

9. Mississippi
So, was that a letdown game or the "real" Ole Miss? Luckily for the Rebels, there are three awful teams in this conference.

10. Tennessee
Awful team No. 1, and with a chance to prove they're still the worst. 13-9 over Northern Illinois? The Vols might be lucky to get to four wins. Overall, not in conference play.

11. Mississippi State
Hooray! The Bulldogs didn't lose! Who cares that they didn't play?

12. Arkansas
When a team is this bad, there's nothing left to say.