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Last Minute News and Notes


Nick Stephens is your new starter at quarterback for the Vols. One of the more interesting phenomena of the off season was that as time went on, more and more people talked themselves into Jonathan Crompton being a potential star. So much for that.

Stephens' recruiting profile is here, if you'd like to find out where he came from. In-depth coverage can be found over at Rocky Top Talk.


SB Nation's Vanderbilt blog Conquer and Prevail managed to score interviews with Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. Before you ask, the answer is yes, I'm jealous.

I think it's awesome that GameDay is at Vanderbilt this week. They easily could have gone to Ohio State-Wisconsin despite the Badgers' loss and no one would have batted an eye. Given the school's history though, it's not likely we'll see many more 4-0 Commodore squads in the future. This could be their last, best chance to have Vandy host it, and they took it.

It goes to show that they are true fans and want to go everywhere if they can. I'm expecting some good signs because a) it's Vanderbilt, so there's some sharp people on that campus, and b) they've had plenty of time to think of them while waiting for Chris, Lee, and Kirk to finally come.


Chris Brown of Smart Football isn't sure what Auburn is running of offense, but it sure isn't Tony Franklin's system. The biggest tell? The Tigers don't look a thing like Hal Mumme-era Kentucky. This is a great read if you were wondering what was going on in the Loveliest Village on the Plains.

For information on some of the changes Auburn is making this week, hit up Track 'Em Tigers.


The Florida secondary is once again trying to prove itself after some critical breakdowns helped enable Ole Miss to win the game last week. Defensive Coordinator Charlie Strong says that the defensive line getting more pressure on the quarterback is an essential part of that equation.

On the heart-warming side of things, DT Brandon Antwine is making the trip to Fayetteville. He went through a debilitating back injury last year that caused many of the muscles in his back to deteriorate completely. Many thought it was going to end his career, but he fought through it and is available to play. Amazing.