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We YouTube. You decide.

Arkansas fans are upset about this.

(YouTube HT: Red Solo Cup)

The obvious case for the penalty is the whole, you know, pushing-the-other-guy-in-the-back thing.

But Razorback Expats actually reads the rule book. (Nerds!)

"If opponents who are beyond the line collide while moving toward the pass, a foul by one or both players is indicated only if intent to impede the opponent is obvious.”

Did London Crawford have “intent to impede the opponent”? Or, was he just engaging in the typical jostling for position that happens on nearly every long pass play? Hard to say…it’s a pretty borderline call either way.

I tend to disagree. It seems to be me that Crawford clearly "inten[ded] to impede the opponent," and that it almost certainly affected the outcome of the play. Pass interference, though, is by definition a judgment call.

So what do you think?