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Fulmer Death Watch, Day 2

Phil Fulmer's agent meeting with the athletic director -- retracted because it does not fit the space-time continuum.

That said, 3SIB is not backing down from its story. Fulmer is toast, sez they, and they up the ante by naming assistant coaches that will go down with Phil. I for one see no reason to doubt them. Clawson, oddly, is not among them.

Fulmer, in a classic sign of a troubled coach, resorted to befuddling metaphor in response to a question about whether "he wanted to scream while defending himself."

I don’t want to scream. I’m not a dog that barks and then runs into the house — I’m going to do my job on a daily basis — or barks from inside the house.

So there.

EDSBS, meanwhile, has what is probably the wisest statement about the whole thing -- though Orson points out this will be the end of donut jokes.

The goodbye will be slow, plodding, and will go down like an elephant being shot to death with a bb gun; or in other words, much like any of Tennessee’s teams in their losses over the past three years or so. But it is over in Knoxville.

For that reason, the Fulmer Death Watch is at 95.5%