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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 9

1. Alabama
What do you know? They are aware that the game lasts for 60 minutes. And the rest of the SEC contenders say: "Greaaaaaaaaaat."

2. Florida
So much for the Kentucky defense. Or special teams. Or offense. A thorough deconstruction of what we thought was at least a bowl-worthy team.

3. Georgia
So it turns out there are at least two teams in the conference that can destroy LSU. And both those teams collide in Jacksonville this weekend.

4. LSU
Miss Bo Pelini?

5. South Carolina
If the Gamecocks' offense was more than semi-competent, they might have beaten LSU and be a lock for a New Year's Day bowl. But there's no reason to complain about playing in Atlanta Dec. 31, if it comes to that.

6. Vanderbilt
Okay, so everybody gets CROOMed once in a while and Georgia was understandable. But Duke?!?

7. Ole Miss
An Arkansas rally made the game this weekend interesting. The same could be said for Western Illinois when they played the Hogs.

8. Kentucky
That's the kind of loss that can give a team agoraphobia.

9. Arkansas
Yeah, it's come to this. That would be a down year.

10. Auburn
Alabama apparently gave their second-half game plans to the Tigers. Problem is, Auburn isn't good enough to win playing like that in the final 30 minutes.

11. Tennessee
Clawfense: An offensive scheme that requires you to claw for every yard you're going to get.

12. Mississippi State
There's got to be a use of the money being paid to Sylvester Croom that has more redeeming social value. Like using it for prize money on American Idol.