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The Fight Insomnia Telethon: Auburn at West Virginia Open Thread

Who knows what you'll be able to say about this game, other than "Great hit!" over ... and over ... and over again. Or you could try to decipher the ramblings of Lou Holtz, who's supposed to be one of the, ahem, analysts for this game.

Not much of a drinker myself, but here would be my suggestions for a drinking game:

Every time Lou Holtz and Mark May disagree, take a drink.
Every time you can't understand what Lou Holtz says, take a drink.
Every time Rece Davis is unable to carry out his play-by-play duties because he's laughing at Lou Holtz, take two drinks.
Every time Lou Holtz invokes the name of a World War II-era world leader, chug.

More suggestions accepted below. Again, this is in fun -- actually taking a drink every time you can't understand Lou Holtz could very well lead to alcohol poisoning.