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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 8

1. Alabama
Yes, they look vulnerable now. But they are the only undefeated team in the conference and hold one of the two most impressive single victories. They're still the best team in the league.

2. Florida
The Gators hold the other of the two most impressive single victories in the conference. But there's still a nagging question: what if the mistakes that did in Florida against Ole Miss emerge again?

3. Georgia
They're still winning. They got smoked by Alabama, which is slightly better than getting annihilated by Florida.

4. LSU
Calm down, everybody. The Bayou Bengals are still a good team, as they showed against South Carolina on Saturday. But are they good enough to beat Georgia?

5. South Carolina
Hung with LSU until late in the game, though that offensive line has got to improve. Nonetheless, the rest of the offense seems to have new life with new triggerman Stephen Garcia.

6. Kentucky
Nice comeback against a team that's made a habit of fourth-quarter wins. Too bad there were only about 30 fans left to see it.

7. Vanderbilt
The party's over. Sure, the Commodores will go to a bowl, but it's now clear that winning on the mistakes of likely better teams (South Carolina) and defeating awful teams before we knew they were awful (Auburn) is how the Dores got this far. In a conference full of subpar offenses, this one stands out.

8. Mississippi
Close. Which is what you can say about the Rebels most weeks: Close, but they lost. They'll win these games under Houston Nutt one day -- and then inexplicably lose to inferior opponents. But that's better than what the Oregeron did.

9. Arkansas
They live! But not for four quarters, which is how you win in this league.

10. Auburn
When your head coach has to deny rumors that he's stroking out -- not a good sign.

11. Tennessee
Lennon Creer, Lennon Creer, Lennon Creer might be better than one yard of rushing against Georgia. But it can't save the Vols' season.

12. Mississippi State
What can you say? A string of late-game mistakes made Tennessee look like a juggernaut. That's redefining awful.