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The SEC on SBN // 10.02.08

A look at what some of SB Nation's other blogs are writing about the conference.

Over at Dawg Sports, Kyle pens a plea to leave him alone for awhile and "Let It Bleed." In the process, he ends up writing a heartbreakingly beautiful ode to fandom.

It's a happier day for Tennessee fans. After all, they get a chance to think about something new that doesn't begin with "Claw-" or end in "-fense." That would be quarterback Nick Stephens, helpfully introduced by Rocky Top Talk.

Yeah, but at least you don't have a two-game losing streak against Vanderbilt. A Sea of Blue contemplates the Wildcats' 2-33-1 record against Alabama. No, that's not a typo.

No FBS team in America, perhaps, has such a dominant record over another during such a long period of years, a stretch that extends virtually into antiquity, to the very roots of college football in America.  It is a staggering, gobsmacking statistic of domination that simply beggars belief.

Can't say it any better than that.

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt, past and present. Track Em Tigers runs down some of the more significant Auburn-Vanderbilt games. Conquer and Prevail looks at the "numbers." What is it with those?