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Several close games this weekend, as Alabama edges Ole Miss, 24-20, LSU gets by South Carolina, 24-17, and Kentucky just manages to beat Arkansas, 21-20. The only two games decided by more than a touchdown were both closer than they appear: a late Georgia FG padded their margin in a 24-14 defeat of Vanderbilt and two interceptions helped Tennessee put three TDs on the board in the four quarter to win 34-3 over Mississippi State.

Does Vanderbilt's defeat officially make the SEC East a two-team race? South Carolina's hopes are now pretty much dead, and Kentucky's are on life support. Even before this weekend, the Commodores were the only ones with any real chance to beat Georgia and Florida. But with two losses, it's hard to see Vanderbilt holding on.

Was Florida's command performance a fluke? No one who saw the game last weekend doubted the best team won. But it was reasonable to question whether LSU was really that bad, or Florida really that good. What, if anything, does the Bengals' defeat of South Carolina tell us about LSU or Florida?

Did Tennessee save its season? And what would that mean? The Vols are still in severe danger of ending the year with a losing record, but avoided making that a certainty, at least for now. Again, the remainder of their schedule: vs. Alabama, at South Carolina, vs. Wyoming, at Vanderbilt, vs. Kentucky.

Is Alabama vulnerable? Before Saturday, it looked like the only team that might be able to challenge them before the SEC Championship Game was LSU, and the Bengals might not be able to do that if they couldn't beat South Carolina. Even if LSU had fallen, though, it now seems as though Alabama might have problems putting away inferior teams. Does that catch up with them before the end of the year?

Are there any SEC candidates for the Heism@n? If so, who?