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Let the Bobby Johnson Speculation Commense

Tommy Bowden has been fired at Clemson, something no one thought would happen back during the off season. Partly it was because the Tigers were everyone's ACC favorite, and partly because he just signed a new extension with a hefty buyout.

SB Nation alumnus Dr. Saturday has a fairly exhaustive rundown of the breaking news, and I put together a fairly exhaustive look at Bowden's record during the off season. Basically, it's been almost a decade and nothing has changed. It's a minor miracle he lasted this long.

So why do we care in the SEC? Because Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson's name will be floating around a lot when it comes to this job. It already has, in fact, well before this week. He is a Clemson graduate, and with his team's hot start (four consecutive weeks ranked for the first time ever), his profile has been raised considerably.

I don't know enough about him to say whether he'd leave or not; you'll have to hit up our Commodore comrades around the net to find out. He seems like a great guy though, and if he gets a payday I will feel great for him. I will say though, it's rare to have your prospects of getting a bigger-name job go up the week after losing to Mississippi State, but that's where we are with him.

Another name being floated around is former Auburn defensive coordinator (and former Georgia safety before that) Will Muschamp, the guy who just helped engineer Texas' big win over Oklahoma. Either one, Johnson or Muschamp, would probably be an upgrade.