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Coach Boom Provides Umph!


I know I don't speak for everyone, but I am thoroughly behind Coach Will Muschamp, aka Coach Boom. He is a joy to watch and I know I am getting his all, he wants to win, and he makes sure his players know that he wants to win just as much if not more than them. But most of all I love the intensity he uses to stick up for his players.

NFL Lockout Coming to an End


I could've gone all season without the NFL as long as I have college football to watch. It's not formally over yet until the players take a vote on the deal, but the news is getting me excited to finally see Tim Tebow in his second season. Keep up with all the latest lockout fallout at SBNation.com's StoryStream. Also, if you hurry, you can catch Will Muschamp battle Gene Chizik on ESPN's First Take.

Will Muschamp Continues to Go Out of His Way to Make an Ass of Himself


Not only did he guarantee a Cocktail Party victory, but he made fun of the idea of marrying a Georgia fan. For the record, Will Muschamp is a University of Georgia graduate whose wife is from Thomaston and whose brother coaches in Atlanta. At the time of their wedding, Coach Muschamp's wife married a Georgia fan; apparently, he thinks Mrs. Muschamp chose her mate poorly. I would tend to agree. I'll tell you what, Will. If we're that bad, you turncoat son of a bitch, how 'bout you don't come up here and recruit, either? Just stay out of the state altogether; I'll be happy to keep the game in Jacksonville just to keep you on your side of the state line. Coach Chump is rapidly working his way up into Pat Dye territory for me. And don't even get me started on people who get married during football season. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Florida spending more on assistants than Muschamp


I think this is the new trend when assembling new staffs. Michigan is paying Greg Mattison an exorbitant amount of money, Auburn just won a national championship with an offensive coordinator more famous than their head coach, and assistant coaches' salaries are rising across Division One on the whole.

Janoris Jenkins Cited for Marijuana Possession


Of all the things that made Urban Meyer's record at Florida sterling, his track record of keeping players out of trouble was not part of it. Little more than a month onto the job, Will Muschamp now has to face a disciplinary issue of his own. Janoris Jenkins, who turned down an opportunity to be a first round draft pick to return to Florida, was cited by Gainesville police for marijuana possession. It's a second offense for Jenkins, who was arrested for affray and resisting arrest without violence in 2009. The answer, by the way, is FAU. Should Jenkins be suspended a game, he'll miss Florida's opener against FAU. Game 2 is against UAB.

Seahawks' Quinn Hired as Florida DC; Smart Stays at Alabama


Florida has announced the hiring of Seattle Seahawks DL coach Dan Quinn as the program's defensive coordinator. He previously worked with Will Muschamp when both coached the Miami Dolphins. This once and for all puts to rest the surprisingly persistent rumors of Kirby Smart leaving Alabama to go to Florida, which once again flared up over the weekend. If you just can't get enough of rumormongering about Smart though, beat the rush by going ahead and penciling him in as Georgia's head coach in 2012.

Oh, Great . . . Another Similarity Between Will Muschamp and Erk Russell!


Not something of which I needed reminding this early on a Monday morning. Go 'Dawgs!

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