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SEC's Biggest Stories in 2011 No. 4: NCAA Investigations


The NCAA's investigation of Cam Newton's recruitment was a dominant story in the SEC this year, but Auburn wasn't the only school in the league to go under the microscope.

Josh Luchs: Will Lyles Told the NCAA the "Complete Truth"


Former agent Josh Luchs says that Will Lyles came clean to the NCAA yesterday and turned over documentation regarding his relationships with college football programs.

Russell Shepard Declared Ineligible, Will Miss At Least Opener Against Oregon


LSU's Russell Shepard is now ineligible for interfering in an NCAA investigation of his school.

ESPN: Some of Will Lyles' Video for LSU Was Useless


ESPN found that some of the video Will Lyles sent to LSU was useless. Is that a problem?

Sprints Tries to Avoid the NCAA Hammer Hitting Georgia Tech, LSU // 07.15.11


The headlines and other SEC news of the day.

Did Oregon Buy a Bridge or a Running Back?


Oregon paid $25,000 for out of date recruiting materials. Did it get taken for a ride, or was it to secure access to recruits?

NCAA To Investigate Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee Recruiting in South Florida


NCAA investigators are heading to South Florida to investigate the recruiting practices of Ohio State, LSU, Auburn, and Tennessee.

NCAA Bars Schools From Subscribing to Rivals (Updated)


The NCAA has rules that schools can no longer subscribe to Rivals.com.

Update on the Patrick Peterson/Will Lyles Situation


Joe Schad unearthed new information on the Patrick Peterson/Will Lyles situation.

Patrick Peterson Responds to ESPN Report


Patrick Peterson gave a quick denial regarding yesterday's ESPN report about him and Will Lyles, calling it "all baloney." He further denied ever visiting Texas A&M, which contradicts his father's reports of him making a visit there. For what it's worth, neither his Rivals nor his Scout recruiting profiles say he made an official visit to Texas A&M. That doesn't rule out the possibility of an unofficial visit though. UPDATE Peterson did make an unofficial visit to College Station after all. UPDATE 2 Peterson has made an official denial of both having a relationship with Lyles and of taking anything in exchange for his commitment through LSU's official football channel. UPDATE 3 Here is a non-paywall'd link for the link on Peterson's A&M visit. In it, Peterson says he and his dad were in Houston visiting a friend and decided to swing by College Station. The author of the article says that he confirmed at the time that the "friend" was Will Lyles. Peterson also said at the time that he would take an official visit to A&M "for sure." He said A&M and USC were the only schools he was definitely going to visit, and possibly Florida as well. Van Malone says Lyles' call and Malone's rejection of the money request came a couple days after this visit. Peterson never ended up making that official visit to College Station.

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