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The SEC's Luckiest Turnover Teams in 2012


A look at the luckiest (and unluckiest) football teams in the SEC in terms of turnovers last season using adjusted statistics created by SB Nation's Bill Connelly.

Austin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Daye

Putting the ball on the floor to counter a defense scrambling to contest his shot is theoretically a smart move by Daye, as his height and handle would -– again, theoretically -– allow him to finish inside with ease or throw passes over the top of his defender. That hasn’t been the case; although Daye does have some play-making skill, his decision to give up looks on the perimeter to get into the paint has resulted in an 18.6 turnover rate -– a shockingly high mark for a wing player, and particularly so for one who posted just a 10.2 turnover rate last season. The 6-11 Daye –- who made 40 percent of his 3-point attempts last year -– should be able to rise and fire against anything other than a hard closeout from a quick-footed big man or a long-armed wing player. Instead, he’s putting the ball on the floor, and often wasting a potentially efficient opportunity... http://offthedribble.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/20/pistons-to-daye-please-dont-take-the-ball-to-the-basket/ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eQS5w-jpo78

OSS: Falcon Punch! Yes!


Charles Tillman is one of the best in the NFL at punching the football away from ball carriers. Here's a "One 'Shop Stop" tribute to the Chicago Bears turnover machine.

Scott Hamilton on Celebrity Apprentice


I was unable to blog this weekend, but Scott Hamilton was on Celebrity Apprentice last night on NBC. The show airs Sunday nights at 9pm. I haven't watched it yet but Hamilton managed to avoid...



The idea that the Oilers need to make significant roster changes seems firmly ensconced in the minds of both the media and Oilers fans. One example is Adam Proteau's latest piece in the Edmonton...



Turnover. It's a fact of life for modern day sports leagues, even a not-so-modern league such as the NHL. Last night, the Colorado Avalanche beat the Anaheim Ducks 1-0. While there were a lot of...

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