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I Hope Rhett Bomar Has a Long NFL Career

For Longhorn fan he's the gift that keeps on giving. And if you're a crimson and cream flunky, Rhett's the scarlet letter serving as a constant reminder of OU's history of illegal inducements,...

Paper Tigers - Part I

As a big fan of non-fiction writing across all genres, from John McPhee's takes on feats of civil engineering to Paul Theroux's travelogues, a good biography on a notable historical figure is hard...

Scott Drew Finds His Inner (Dave) Bliss

Hands up if you use Jesus smokescreens to mask moral bankruptcy The school that gave us the slimiest basketball coach in the history of the NCAA, Dave Bliss, offers up their latest protozoan in the...

The New York Times, Thayer Evans and CYA

Faithful readers of and irritated visitors to this site are quite familiar with the New York Times - Thayer Evans - Jamarkus McFarland Family ménage à trois of hilarity. For a recap of the...


Sadly, the the only part of the story of which I was legitimately proud - the Caligulan bisexual drug-raging alcohol-fueled Longhorn orgy - has been completely discredited by Chip Brown's excellent...

Mack Brown on Thayer Evans and his sources: Those guys are fags.

I'm paraphrasing a bit but he did have some comments: "One-sided stories usually don't make it when sources aren't checked on the other side," Brown said. "The story has absolutely no credibility...


A tip of the cap to poster 98 for the heads up. Outstandingly predictable snippets about Thayer's Fantasy Island article on the McFarland recruitment. The Times article included inflammatory...

Why is the New York Times losing so much money?

Oh. Apparently it’s now enough to interview just two people for an article. Is it possible that those two are biased? Perish the thought! So let’s take a look at the biggest bullshit claims. -...

L'Affaire McFarland and The Media

I don't write at length here very often as I'm not much of a writer, which I will now go to great lengths to demonstrate. This paucity of creative talent on my part is why we pay the big talent...

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