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Is college football about to move to superconferences (again)?

It seems the idea of superconferences just won't die. Could the Big 12 & SEC's new bowl agreement mean we're moving more and more toward four superconferences?

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Rivalries, Realignment, Statistics, Shatner, and a Country Singer Caught Drinking in a Church Parking Lot on Sunday Night

Dawg Sports has all the Georgia Bulldogs news deserving of your attention this Wednesday morning. Get up to speed on the latest with this morning's edition of Dawg Bites.

Optimal Conference Size

Throughout this conference realignment soap opera, one of the silent driving motivations has been the assumed inexorable march toward superconferences. The most widely agreed assumption has been...

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites Wishes We Could Turn Back the Clock About 30 Years

Dawg Sports brings you the latest news on the Georgia Bulldogs as the Red and Black prepare for an important basketball showdown and national signing day. Catch up on all the important developments in "Dawg Bites."

Random Thoughts on SEC Expansion from a Tired Georgia Bulldogs Fan Sitting in an Airport Far From Home

It has been a wild weekend for the SEC, as the Texas A&M Aggies moved the conference expansion conversation into high gear. T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports was in Las Vegas at the time, and he finally found the opportunity to offer some thoughts while sitting in the Phoenix airport.

Conference Expansion Rumors

Conference Expansion Rumors: will the Big 12 survive? Texas A&M to the SEC? Who are the most attractive schools left?

In Response to CRFF: Why the Longhorn Network Won't Destroy College Football

Recently, Cowboys Ride for Free wrote that the Longhorn Network will destroy college football. It won't, and here's why.

Superconferences Could Be Next Evolution Of College Football

Superconferences could be the next evolution in college football, and that is a good thing.

How Big Ten Expansion Could Force the Texas Longhorns to Join the SEC

The Texas Longhorns would prefer to stay put it in the Big 12 or cast their lot with an expanded Pac-10 or Big Ten, but politics and geography could force the 'Horns to join the SEC in the era of the superconference. Here's how.

Would the SEC Respond to a Larger Big Ten?

All signs are pointing to the Big Ten expanding. Would the SEC react by grabbing a couple teams for itself?

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