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New SEC Deal With CBS Is For Same Money


The results of post-expansion negotiations on one front are in, and the league is netting no extra money from CBS. The only new thing form the extended deal is what we learned on May 2, that CBS's exclusivity window for the 3:30 pm ET time slot is no more. It makes sense when you think about it. CBS carries one game a week for all but the first two weeks, plus one doubleheader per year. Expanding the league doesn't matter much to a broadcaster that is only carrying one game per week. Plus with CBS paying around $4 million per game, it's hard to justify upping the rights fee based on merely putting more teams in the league when they don't have higher profiles than the existing premium teams.

A List of SEC Olympic Athletes and Coaches


Here's your list of Olympic athletes and coaches with ties to SEC institutions. It includes Missouri and Texas A&M, of course.

Andy Staples Re-Ranks the 2009 Recruiting Classes


Andy Staples has looked three years back into the past to re-rank the top ten 2009 recruiting classes. Four SEC teams make the list.

NYT: Pitt and Syracuse Talking to ACC About Joining


The New York Times is reporting that Pitt and Syracuse "are engaged in talks about joining the Atlantic Coast Conference". Syracuse, if you remember, was on the wish list the last time the ACC expanded, though it obviously didn't end up making it in. The conference and the two schools issued standard no comments. No other information is out there, so it's unknown whether the ACC is looking to be a 14-team league like the SEC (A&M plus one) and Pac-12 (plus the Oklahoma schools) are supposedly on the way to becoming or if this is some sort of preliminary stage for accepting Texas and Texas Tech later. There also is the possibility the conference is worried about losing one or more schools to the SEC, but again, no other information is out there yet. UPDATE CBS's Brett McMurphy is reporting that a high ranking ACC official told him that Pitt and Syracuse have officially submitted applications to join the league. Also, he was told the conference's presidents unanimously agreed to raise the league's exit fee to $20 million at a meeting in Greensboro, NC last week.

Programming Note


On Sunday, I recorded a podcast with Warren Lent about the SEC, signing day, recruiting, and some brief looks at the 2011 football season. It's 48 minutes long and oversigning free. Enjoy!

Part 3 of Arkansas Expats' Chat with Phil Steele


One more round of downloads from Steele is up today at Arkansas Expats, this time about Bobby Petrino, Arkansas's overall prospects, and the chances that the conference gets a fifth consecutive national title. Good stuff as always from Steele and great questions from the Expats.

Why the ACC should raid the SEC


Yes, you're reading that correctly. A little light fare for a Friday afternoon. I can only imagine Mike Slive laughing hysterically calling all the teams to make sure they're still committed to the league. (HT: Gobbler Country)

Texas Legislature, Governor May Sit This Round Out


When the SWC dissolved and the Big 12 formed, the Texas State Legislature and governor's office had their fingerprints all over it. It's sounding a bit different this time. State representatives John Smithee and Joe Heflin, both Texas Tech grads, predict that the TSL won't get involved because the political climate has changed in the last 16 years. The governor's office also released a statement saying that, "Decisions about conferences should be made by the individual institutions." If Texas A&M was going to break away from Texas and Texas Tech to come to the SEC, this news is exactly the sort of thing we'd need to hear. Then again, these are politicians who are talking, so bear that in mind when listening to them. I still am not convinced that Texas and Texas A&M want to be split up, but if they did, they'd need a hands-off TSL to make it happen.

Wilner: Colorado May Beat Nebraska to the Punch


The San Jose Mercury News's Jon Wilner is reporting that Colorado is likely to accept a Pac-10 invitation today. As in, a day before Nebraska is supposed to formally announce its Big Ten membership. Also according to Wilner, the five other rumored schools (Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State) are committed to joining the Pac-10 together if Nebraska bolts. So yeah: the SEC's talks with Texas A&M don't appear to have added up to much. If somehow the Big 12 stays together despite losing Colorado and probably Nebraska, the Pac-10 would add Utah to get to 12. That's the story out of San Jose.

Is Big 12 Survival on Nebraska, not Texas?


Interesting article from Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman, a guy who actually, you know, lives in Big 12 country. The way he sees it, the Big 12's survival depends on Nebraska, not Texas. He thinks the Big 12 can be fine without Missouri, and I would agree. However it can't really thrive without Nebraska, so if the Huskers stay, then the Big 12 lives. Nebraska, as you probably remember, has been making eyes at the Big Ten over the past couple months (though not as overtly as Missouri has been). It makes sense. After all, Nebraska is the school most dissatisfied with the Big 12's current state. And the Big 12 is the only place where Texas can accomplish all of its goals: enjoy unquestioned conference hegemony, gain an unequally large portion of a TV deal, and keep its options open for starting a UT television network. It can only get the second from the Pac-10, the third from the SEC, and none from the Big Ten.

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