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State of the Terps...Football Version


Whoops, guess my previous post was a fanpost and should have been a fan shot (and since has been deleted). Sorry for that... But here is the post: State of the Terps...Football Version Jeez...was last year tough!!! I was seriously disappointed with Rockin' Randy's first year as Football Program CEO. He brought in a crappy OC whom he let go; a DC whom he primarily brought in as a LB coach but subsequently promoted to DC...before letting him go...sigh. Lets start with the issues before we end with the hopeful...

Maryland's plans for new "black field"


It's perfectly fitting imagery...Every game has the excitement of a funeral and Randy Edsall is the Grim Reaper of your football career/program. He'll be sporting an Under Armor branded cloak and scythe, of course. "Maryland: Where football goes to die."

A Tough Look at Randy Edsall's Job Performance...


Yesterday The Washington Post published an article by sports writer Eric Prisbell that succeeded in asking the kind of tough questions of a local football program (Maryland) that I wish a major media outlet would attempt to ask about BC. The article is balanced and does not attempt to editorialize either side of the story, yet takes into careful consideration the concern of the fans, students, and players' parents...

Edsall hired by Maryland


Maryland was apparently impressed by the way Edsall was able to get into the BCS despite having 4 losses. Per Joe Schad, he has been hired by Maryland. Dreams of a Pirate Sloop sailing up the Chesapeake have been dashed

Randy Edsall is Maryland's New Football Coach


It's too bad they didn't go with Mike Leach. I'm not sure Leach was the smarter hire, but he would have been a lot more fun.

Top NCAA official in full CYA mode over the ludicrous excessive celebration call.


Also, I'm SO glad that OU kicked Randy Edsall's UConn team's butt. I am SO freaking tired of Edsall and rest of the "technically, it was right" crowd. No, when it's called so inconsistently -- and is NEVER called in the situation it was called in during the Pinstripe Bowl -- then it's NOT right, in ANY sense.

Randy Edsall Wants Maryland Job?


If you can't schedule BC, become a head coach in a conference where your programs gets to play the Eagles? Randy Edsall hasn't exactly been shy about his desire to coach a "BCS program" over the past few years, and it looks like Edsall is showing interest in the head coaching position at Maryland. It sounds like it's Leach or bust in College Park, but Edsall to Maryland is certainly intriguing. The guys at Testudo Times are all over the Maryland coaching search.

OrangeBloods - Mike Leach hired to replace Ralph Friedgen


Tech will face the Flying Turtle Offense at home in 2011. Testudo times details why Maryland let go Friedgen after winning ACC COTY.

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