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Phillip Fulmer Thanks Derek Dooley For 'Restoring the Vols'


Former Vols coach is proud that the Fulmer Cup could soon reside in Knoxville once more.

SEC 2000-10: Exit Phil Fulmer (2005-08)


How Phil Fulmer's Tennessee Volunteers dynasty ended.

The Blind Side Trailer with Coaches


I know the movie version of The Blind Side has been discussed and dissected many times over, so I don't want to belabor the point. But, this is the first version of the trailer I've seen to have coach cameos in it. (H/T Chris Low) Included are Phil Fulmer, Lou Holtz, Tommy Tuberville, and Nick Saban. Fulmer is seen wearing a Tennessee hat (with stand-ins for what I presume to be Ron Zook and Tommy Bowden behind him) and delivers an over-acted "wooooow" line. High comedy, if you ask me, since it's more emotion in two seconds than Fulmer typically showed in an entire season's worth of press conferences.

Sprints Learns to Never Underestimate the Audacity of Lane Kiffin // 08.17.09


Lane Kiffin realizes words can hurt, and all the other news that's fit to make fun of.

Return to La-La Land: Fulmer Goes Back to Tennessee, and Other Spring Game Action


Spring football around the SEC: Weirdness at Tennessee is nothing new, and Florida has another great quarterback.

Sprints // 04.10.09


All the news that's fit to make fun of.

Under New Management: The Offensively Offensive Teams of 2008


Defense in the SEC? That's fine. But an offense is what will protect your job.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Georgia and the Woes of 10-3


What went wrong for Georgia? And what could it mean for Mark Richt's future?

Coaching Notes


I'll have more on this later, but I have to admit that I share the reaction of the rest of the blogosphere. My first thought when I heard that Gene Chizik is about to become the head coach at...

And Phil Fades Away -- Tennessee 28, Kentucky 10


What happened to Fulmer in the last few years at Tennessee is hard to diagnose. Maybe he didn't recruit enough high-quality talent. Maybe he was never the same coach without David Cutcliffe. Or...

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