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Utah to Join Pac-10 in 2011


Remember that big post about the MWC and its BCS bid I wrote up yesterday. Boy, am I glad I spent the time on that one. Utah officially accepted its Pac-10 bid and will join the conference in 2011 according to this PDF from the university. That means the MWC has zero chance of taking advantage of the timing technicality in trying to get its automatic bid. It still lists Colorado as joining the conference in 2012, a year after Utah, Boise State, and Nebraska settle into their new homes. I guess that makes the Buffs the Boston College of this round of realignment.

Chip Brown's "Big 12 Missile Crisis" Timeline


To put a cap on this conference expansion episode, Chip Brown has published a recap of the Big 12's tumultuous days from when Nebraska decided to go to the Big Ten until the Big 12 Lite was formalized. It's in a nice narrative form, little of it is speculation, and it provides a few more details than what was already out there. It includes the Pac-10 trying to change the deal at the last minute but leaves out Texas trying to change the deal at the last minute, but whatever. It's a good recap of everything if you missed it.

MWC May Still Get its Automatic Bid


The MWC is in slightly better shape to get its automatic BCS bid even without a Pac-10 bound Utah, but timing may improve the odds greatly.

Conference Realignment Ends: Plenty of Reasons to Be Happy


There are plenty of reasons to be happy about the way that the conference realignment episode ended.

Texas could officially announce soon a commitment to remaining in a 10-team Big 12, a conference...


Texas could officially announce soon a commitment to remaining in a 10-team Big 12, a conference school source said this morning. The high-ranking source, who is closely involved in keeping the conference intact, says he believes that Texas will make a good faith proposal to turn its back on a Pac-10 bid and keep the Big 12 in business even without Nebraska and Colorado. A second conference source also confirmed that understanding of the situation.

Independent confirmation of Texas looking at keeping the Big 12 together So now we have the Dallas Morning News corroborating Chip Brown's report about Texas considering keeping the Big 12 together. It goes on to say that the sharp increase in TV money would come from Fox Sports specifically. Supposedly the prospect of a UT television network and increased travel costs as a result of not having A&M in the Pac-16 were the reason for the change of mind. It remains to be seen how good the faith will be in Texas's "good faith proposal." Nebraska's idea of a good faith proposal was to have everyone assign their media rights to the Big 12 to prove their commitment, something everyone knew Texas would not agree to. Will Texas propose something workable, or something it knows the rest won't agree to like Nebraska did? For his part, Gene Stallings likes the idea of a ten team Big 12. UPDATE If the Dallas Morning News isn't far enough away from Texas's athletics department for your taste, how does the New York Times sound? Pete Thamel also has a source saying Texas is "on the cusp" of a deal to keep the ten-team Big 12 together.

Dueling Reports Circulate on Big 12's Fate


Chip Brown and Joe Schad have issued conflicting reports on the fate of the Big 12. Who is right?

Can Dan Beebe Deliver on His Promise to the Big 12?


Can Dan Beebe really match or exceed the SEC's payout?

SEC Expansion: The USS Slive is Beginning to Leak


Leaks are finally coming out of the SEC regarding expansion.

Conference Expansion: One Last Round Up


One last expansion post for Friday.

Oklahoma to Pac-10, From Someone Other than Chip Brown


Someone other than Chip Brown is reporting Oklahoma to the Pac-10.

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