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We are Alabama. We are the Tide. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


I wrote up a quick post on why Bama is going to dominate A&M this weekend. Feel free to pass this along and share it so Texas A&M fans will know what's going to happen to their excuse of a football team.

Bielema on Recruiting, Saban, Alex Collins, Big 10 vs SEC, Twitter, More


Bielema spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently and touched on all those topics and more. Most of this link is written in a Q&A format, so you see Bielema elaborate on these topics. Interesting to see his recruiting philosophy regarding the state of Georgia. I'm sure the question was raised since this is the Atlanta paper, but it's the first time we remember Bielema discussing Georgia recruiting this bluntly.

Saban Sees Texas A&M as a Threat


Nick Saban sees Kevin Sumlin's Texas A&M program as a threat both now and in the future.

Holgorsen On Yahoo! Radio With Tim Brando

West Virginia University Head Coach, Dana Holgorsen, takes on Nick Saban’s negative comments regarding the no-huddle type uptempo offense as they play within the rules of the game.

The Case for Rooting for Missouri Over Georgia


Casual UGA fan Michael makes the case for rooting for Missouri against Georgia this weekend. While I'm on board with his central premise (Go creative offense! Beat Sabanball!), UGA isn't really the team to make that stand against. Mark Richt took over at Georgia a year after Saban took over at LSU, and he's been running roughly the same offense ever since with a few updates here and there. His roots are in the aggressive offenses that FSU ran in the '90s. He's pro-style all the way, but he's not Sabanish. And, for what it's worth, Alabama had the most yards gained per game in SEC play last year.

Mt. Saban Erupts at Reporters Again


Nick Saban knows full well what the purpose of the media is and why members write what the write, but he can't help but lash out at them anyway. I can't imagine what it must be like to live with that kind of constant anger.

Mark Schlabach: Nick Saban's New Motivation


Nice article on our favorite coach. Don't believe any report you hear about him going to another job.

The End of Sabanball & Mack Brown as the Prince of Brunei


Spencer Hall's latest. Worth a gander. Looking forward to being good again. A lot of a team's peak form, the point at which temporary invincibility is universally granted, is ascribed to either strategy or recruiting. There are elements of both, to be sure, but Alabama's recruiting capabilities far exceed what the school's should be on paper as an institution. Tennessee as a state has more people, and yet its flagship university's football program has the highest recruiting budget of any school due to the "unique challenges of the state's geography." Meanwhile, Alabama hauls in the number one recruiting class in the nation despite having a third as many people in-state, and no clear advantage in terms of profitability.* *Greater overall revenue, but expenditures are higher with similar overall net profits. Alabama spends almost twice as much, though, and that's a whole other column. Continuing this fun parenthetical! As a counterpoint, please see Texas and the relative squandering of talent they've managed over the past three years. Money, facilities, and recruiting muscle have gotten Mack Brown little despite having what is arguably the most advantageous hog-wallow in college football. Geopolitically speaking, Mack Brown is college football's Prince Jefri of Brunei, just buying supercar recruits and leaving them to gather dust on the shelf. )

Alabama Grayshirt Scandal


Found this article from a day or two back interesting. Especially in light of the fact Mack signed more than Nick this year! It seems rough but it also ain't biting him in the ass.

Should ND go after Nick Saban?


The link is from our lovely friends at ND Nation. I actually think this discussion is hilarious, but if you want to have a serious discussion about Notre Dame possibly hiring Nick Saban, we can do that too. But, just so you know, I will probably and secretly lol.

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