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Wisconsin chases Mike Riley, likely in vain

Mike Riley is being pursued by the Wisconsin Badgers. But don't expect him to leave Oregon State.

Mike Riley to interview with Wisconsin?

Oregon State Beavers head coach Mike Riley has emerged as a candidate for the vacant Wisconsin Badgers coaching position.

Sean Mannion & Mike Riley struggle vs. Washington

Oregon State Beavers head coach Mike Riley and quarterback Sean Mannion came up way short against the Washington Huskies.

Oregon State most impressive team in Week 7

Mike Riley, Cody Vaz, Storm Woods and the Oregon State Beavers rolled into Provo and undressed the BYU Cougars.

BlogPoll Rough Draft: West Virginia stays at #8


Outside of Stanford, there really wasn't much movement. If there was a theme for this week, it was that everyone did just enough to beat teams they should beat.

Mike Riley has the magic back at Oregon State


Mike Riley has the Oregon State Beavers back to upsetting and beating big opponents, this time taking down UCLA.

Mike Riley is back, and so is Oregon State

The Oregon State Beavers upset the Wisconsin Badgers behind a dominant performance by their defense and effective passing from Sean Mannion. Mike Riley definitely cooled whatever hot seat that...

Pac-12 Football Coaching Stats: Rating Performance Relative To Recruiting Rankings


Which Pac-12 head coaches perform the best with their recruits? Chip Kelly is clearly the best of the bunch, but there are surprising results with Mike Riley, Kyle Whittingham and Rich Rodriguez.

Adding more fuel to the football fire! Forbes weighes in on the Coach Riley 2011 assessment!


Oregon St. Coach Riley made the Forbes list of "College Football's Greediest Coaches In 2011" coming in at number nine. Now I know this is looking at one season's results, and I personally would argue that is a bit unfair overall, but it does make for provocative sports journalism! I also think this is interesting in light of the criticism about Coach Riley from the last couple seasons from many here and within the fan base. But to make me take it a bit more with a grain of salt, former Penn Coach Joe Paterno made this year's "Most Efficient College Football Coaches" coming in at number 9! They did provide a "note" about him being replaced this season. And it cracks me up that one side is "efficient" and the other side "greedy" but hey it is Forbes and the bottom line you know!

Civil War 2011: Ducks Can't Look Past Struggling Beavers


The Oregon Ducks host the Oregon State Beavers for the 115th meeting of the Civil War.

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