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Profile of Les Miles and the Alabama Game


Wright Thompson wrote a remarkable profile of Les Miles leading up to and including this year's game against Alabama. It's well worth your time.

SEC Might Have Its First Female Football Player


Former LSU goalkeeper Mo Isom is going to try out as a kicker for the football team, which would make her the SEC's first female player if she makes the team. I don't know much about her other than that she's 6'1" and a well-known and well-liked athlete on campus. As with most soccer players who try to become football kickers, I imagine the biggest issue would not be distance but rather accuracy. I also have doubts about how much action she'd see given that A) she'd have only one year of eligibility, B) second team All-SEC K Drew Alleman is back, and C) backup K James Hairston was a recruited player and took care of kickoffs last year. It'd still be a cool story if she makes the team, even if she only ends up kicking an extra point or two at the end of blowouts. Somehow, it just feels right that Les Miles could be the coach who helps this trail get blazed.

Speculation on Miles going to the NFL


I like cocknfire's take on this over at Team Speed Kills, that he would not be as successful at the pro level, but more than anything I would hate (hate, hate, hate) to lose him.

Football Strategy 101: Louisiana State vs. West Virginia


How the Tigers can defuse Dana Holgorsen's brilliant offense By Chris Brown Chris Brown runs Smartfootball.com and does a brilliant job of breaking down Holgorsen's offense here on his latest piece for Grantland.

LSU paid $6,000 in December for football scouting services provided by Will Lyles


LSU is dirty and has been for a long-time. In the scouting community, there's this famous story about their recruitment of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe when Nick Saban was head coach. At the time, Larry Coker was Miami's head coach and made the in-home visit with Bowe and Bowe's grandmother. When Coker entered the household, Bowe's grandmother asked them if they were going to match the $50,000 and a car offer from LSU. Coker left right then and Bowe signed with the Tigers.

Les Miles' Invisible Plan to Win Saturday


Les Miles' plan for Saturday's game, you ask? Could it be wild guessing? Or letting Mike the Tiger roam on Auburn's sidelines? Nope, it's an invisible spy to catch Cam Newton. Priceless.

A Little Lunchtime Reading


Your task if you choose to accept it: read this article about Les Miles's weekly conference call comments and try not to make a sacrifice to the grammar gods in penance for reading it. Is it just me, or does it sound like someone makes a script for Miles by taking normal coaching non-answers and running it randomly through five different languages in a translator before going back to English? (H/T: TQLES)

Real Men Read, among other things.


Enjoy these pictures of Coach Miles helping out the community.

Toliver Apologizes, Miles lays down law.


Apparently Toliver broke his hand in the fight. He'll continue to practice with the broken hand and be ridiculed mercilessly if he drops any ball thrown his way.

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